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Website created
on January 1, 2010
by George Cooke,

Rancho Bernardo
Brokers Group


About RB Brokers
(Updated January 21, 2020)

Welcome to www.RBcaravan.com
(also known as RanchoBernardoBrokers.com)

Website of the Rancho Bernardo Brokers Group

About the Rancho Bernardo Brokers Group:

The Rancho Bernardo Brokers Group consists of Real Estate Brokers and Agents who represent buyers and sellers of residential real estate in the San Diego community of Rancho Bernardo. The group is represented by the major brokerages doing business in Rancho Bernardo and is supported by a group of key business affiliates.

The primary function of the Rancho Bernardo Brokers Group is to conduct a weekly broker meeting and open house caravan where new listings are presented and showcased.

The Rancho Bernardo Brokers Group also addresses issues and activities that have a common interest to the group. For example, the group deals with community rules and regulations related to real estate activities and provides support to community groups.

Beginning in 2020, this Group is coordinated by a Committee of Directors, consisting of five office managers from brokerages operating in Rancho Bernardo.


In the News

George Cooke assumes leadership of the Rancho Bernardo Brokers Group from long time director, Don King. (January, 2010)

Cooke Takes Leadership of RB Brokers

George Cooke, Coldwell Banker Residential, will assume leadership of the Rancho Bernardo Real Estate Brokers Group on January 1, 2010.

Cooke will succeed Don King, RE/MAX Rancho Bernardo, who has led the group for the past 15 years.

King says, "I selected George as my replacement because he is really dedicated to Rancho Bernardo. He is a fine agent and he has some great ideas to take this already vibrant organization to a new level."

The announcement was made at the Rancho Bernardo Brokers Meeting on December 17. Don was thanked by the real estate members and affiliates in attendance for his dedicated service to the success of the group. Don assured the group that he would still be active in the association, but had decided it was time to turn over the leadership of the group.

Cooke said he was honored to be selected as the new director. According to Cooke, "The Rancho Bernardo Real Estate Brokers Group is one of the most active real estate groups in San Diego County, due in large part to the involvement and support of its many real estate members and affiliates. Don has done a great job of building this group through the years, and I'll do my best to keep the organization strong and growing."

The Rancho Bernardo Real Estate Brokers Group is an organization that represents all the real estate offices doing business in Rancho Bernardo. It meets weekly and gives real estate agents and brokers the opportunity to showcase their new listings. It also works to establish and maintain real estate rules and procedures in the community, such as the size and placement of signs. The Rancho Bernardo Brokers Group takes an important interest in the needs in the community and its members regularly donate services and financial support to community projects.