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Website created
on January 1, 2010
by George Cooke,

Rancho Bernardo
Brokers Group


Welcome to www.RBcaravan.com
(also known as RanchoBernardoBrokers.com)

Website of the Rancho Bernardo Brokers Association

An Overview

The primary function of the Rancho Bernardo Brokers Group is to conduct a weekly broker meeting and open house caravan where new listings are presented and showcased. The weekly meeting and broker caravan is held on Thursday mornings at 9:00 am. The meeting is held at St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church (in Parish Hall) at 16275 Pomerado Road in Rancho Bernardo.
The are no dues, but everyone contributes $1 at the door, which goes to our Charity Drawing.

This is the RANCHO BERNARDO CARAVAN, Tour 26 (see G26 in Paragon), and it includes ONLY the following areas:

Zipcode 92128 - The Eastside includes Rancho Bernardo AND Carmel Mountain Ranch.
(This does NOT include Sabre Springs.)
Please note: Sabre Springs is on the Friday Poway Caravan - Tour 64 (see G64 in Paragon).

Zipcode 92127 - The Westside of Rancho Bernardo includes Westwood, High Country West, and Camino Bernardo.
(This does NOT include Bernardo Springs, Bernardo Point, 4S Ranch, Santa Fe Valley, Santaluz, and Del Sur.)
Please note: the newer portions of 92127 use the Tuesday Tour 27 (see G27 in Paragon).

Special note for Rancho Bernardo communities that are in Zipcode 92127 -
If your property is in the older part of 92127, an ORIGINAL RANCHO BERNARDO community, (i.e. Westwood, High Country West, or Camino Bernardo ONLY), then you have the option to put it on either or both of the two caravans (Tour 26 and Tour 27).

Are you looking for other Caravans
in San Diego's North County?

You can visit the website at
Rancho Bernardo Brokers Meeting

DAY: Thursday
(Click on "Meeting Schedules" in the Menu List.)

MEETING: 9:00 am

CARAVAN: 9:45 am - 12:00 Noon

PROCEDURE: To Schedule your broker open house, bring your listing up under "Maintain Listing" in Paragon, and "Add Tour".
(For detailed instructions, click on "How To: Put your listing on the Caravan" in the Menu List.)

DEADLINE: Wednesday at 10:00 am
This includes AGENT submissions for the Caravan List, and SPONSOR materials, if any, for the Powerpoint.
(If you miss the deadline for the Caravan List, you can still make it an "Add-on" at the meeting.)

Location: St. Bartholomews Church

PITCH: The listing agent or licensed representative must pitch a property on caravan and may distribute flyers. If no one is present to pitch the property, it will be scratched from the caravan list. Other pitches will be allowed as time permits.

St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church (Parish Hall)
16275 Pomerado Road
San Diego, CA 92128
(in Rancho Bernardo)

Please DO NOT park in the upper lot.

Policy for properties that can be pitched at our Meetings

Announcements for buyer needs, new listings, price improvements, back on the markets, etc., may be pitched at our weekly meetings even if they are not on that week's Caravan. Pitches are allowed only for properties that are within the area served by the Poway Unified School District.
Policy for re-Touring a listing

Under normal circumstances, a property may not be re-toured for a six-month period.

However, it may be re-toured for any of, or a reasonable combination of, the following reasons:

1. If six-months have passed
... or ...
2. If the property has been re-listed by a different agent or broker
... or ...
3. If the property has had a significant price reduction (10% or more)
.... or ...
4. If there has been a significant change to the property, such as a remodel or staging.

If the property does not qualify to be re-toured, it will not be added to the Caravan List. But in this case, the agent could still pitch it as a "property in the Poway School District".
Policy for Sponsorships and Pitches at our Weekly Meetings

Our weekly sponsorships, and pitches at our meetings, are intended only for Affiliate Services, Community Service announcements, and messages that are "for the good of the whole". Pitches for Realtor-to-Realtor or Broker-to-Broker services, including Broker/Realtor recruitments, are not allowed.
Powerpoint Policy for Meeting Sponsors

Our weekly meeting sponsors may wish to have a few pages included on our meeting Powerpoint Presentation. These might include business name, contact information, sponsor logo, and a photograph or two. Sponsors may submit these slides or photos by emailing them to George@GeorgeCooke.com no later than Monday morning on the week of the meeting. George will coordinate with our Powerpoint volunteer, and will send back a proof for confirmation and verification at least 24 hours prior to that week's meeting. This is necessary so we can be sure to have the proper resolution and sequence for the Powerpoint. Please direct questions on this to George at 858-472-4286.
Policy for Cash Drawings offered at our Caravan Meetings

When pitching listings that are on the weekly Caravan List, agents may offer incentives such as food, snacks, or cash drawings. We do our best to monitor the Cash Drawings, and follow up to make sure that they are paid at a subsequent meeting.

Agents offering Cash Drawings are on the honor system, and are responsible to pay the drawing within a reasonable timeframe. An agent who is unable to return to a future meeting, (within 3 weeks), should contact George Cooke, so he can announce to the group who the winner of the drawing was.
Policy for Flyers on the Tables

If an agent or affiliate wishes to bring flyers to our meeting, they may place them on the back table, close to where people enter the room. They may also stand outside the door after the meeting, and individually hand flyers to people as they leave. Flyers for properties may not be placed on the seating tables in the room, unless they are official caravan business, or from people who are sponsors of that week's meeting, or information from associations such as SDAR or CAR.

Weather and Cancellation Policy

-- We are fortunate to beneift from San Diego's near perfect weather, most of the time.
-- It is difficult to know very far in advance how bad the weather might be at meeting time.
-- It is problematic to cancel a caravan, because so many preparations have been made with agents, clients, facilities reservations, and our sponsors who bring in food and materials for us.
-- Under most circumstances, we will not cancel our scheduled caravan, unless the Church is closed.

-- Of course, if it is storming on the morning of our caravan, the attendance may be light, and a number of the scheduled open houses may have been called off.
-- You can always assume that the meeting will be held, unless there is a special notice to the contrary posted on this website.
-- All individuals should please use their own judgement, as to whether they should attend.
-- So, YES, the meetings will always be held if possible.

Be safe and if you can't make it we understand. You can always reschedule for the next week's caravan.
How to Apply for a Refund of HOA Document and Transfer Fees in Seven Oaks

Do you know someone who SOLD their property in Rancho Bernardo’s development of Seven Oaks during the past two years? They may be entitled to a refund of HOA Document and Transfer Fees that were paid through Escrow.

Several owners in Seven Oaks complained about the increase in escrow document fees by the PREVIOUS board members to the City Attorney's office in San Diego. Their investigators discussed the matter with the current Seven Oaks Board, its employees, the association's law firm and real estate professionals in the Rancho Bernardo Community. Seven Oaks agreed to reduce the escrow fees from approximately $479 to $229 and to offer a refund to the affected sellers.

The precise time period of the over-charges is not known, but it is generally from 2016 through July or August of 2017. These fees were collected in violation of the Davis-Sterling Act which governs HOA boards in California. The total amount of excess charges is believed to be approximately $60,000 and to have affected about 200 real estate transactions. One of the problems Seven Oaks has, according to reports, is that they do not know who should receive a refund.

This posting is an attempt to get the word out to as many Sellers as possible who may be eligible for a refund. Those affected are advised to contact Ms. Theresa Filecia at the Sildorf Law Group, 800-811-5874 to apply for a refund. Someone applying for the refund should have a copy of their Final Escrow Statement available, where it can be determined what they actually paid for these fees.

This is for HOA Document and Transfer fees only, and does not include the regular (monthly or annual) HOA fees that homeowners routinely pay. Also, this applies only to the Seven Oaks Community Center, and does not include similar charges for other HOAs, such as the Condo Associations in Seven Oaks. (A Seven Oaks condo Seller would have paid both the Seven Oaks Community Center and Condo Association fees, but only the Seven Oaks Community Center Fees are offering refunds at this time.)

Please click here to see the article published in the RB News-Journal (Pomerado News) on December 7, 2017.

Please note: The information contained in this posting was provided by Seven Oaks Homeowners who were involved in challenging the fees. The information is believed to be accurate, but some of the details could not be confirmed. The purpose of this posting is simply to inform Real Estate Agents that their clients who sold their homes in Seven Oaks may be entitled to a refund, and where to go to apply.


Thanks to all our OFFICIAL SPONSORS for their SUPPORT

Phil Joseph, Sierra Pacific Mortgage, (619) 507-3558
(Phil Joseph and Steve Lewis)

Landee Eld, San Diego Rental Properties, (858) 243-1435
and Dawn Frank, SR Painting, (858) 413-6174

Michael Francisco, Prime Lending, (858) 335-1852

MEETING ROOM (Co-Sponsors on alternating weeks, through June 30, 2018)
>> Phil Joseph and Steve Lewis, Sierra Pacific Mortgage, (858) 248-1273
>> Rebecca Meier and Stepahnie Ballheim, Foundation Escrow

Pawny Ayers, Chase Home Mortgage, (858) 336-3436.
Backup is Marissa Tuer, Heritage Escrow

Lindy Lisenby & Pat Moore, Farmers Ins., (858) 875-6336

Phil Joseph, Sierra Pacific Mortgage, (619) 507-3558

Rick Sidley, Cornerstone Mortgage
Amy Silverstein, Time4Blinds
Pam Neillo, FBS Property Management
Pawny Ayers, Chase Home Mortgage

Jeri Winberg NMLS632986, Bank of America, (619) 997-8744

Vaughn Avakian, Realty Experts
Backup is Edward Lescallett, Keller Williams



Affiliates are encouraged to attend the broker meetings. Each week one affiliate has the opportunity to provide a door prize or food in exchange for one minute to introduce themselves and their services.

To get on the schedule, please contact:

Jeri Winberg NMLS632986,
Bank of America
(619) 997-8744

Click here to see the current schedule.
(Or, Click on "Caravan Sponsors" in the Menu List.)

For Additional Information Contact:

George Cooke
Coldwell Banker Residential
(858) 472-4286
Email: George@GeorgeCooke.com