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Website created
on January 1, 2010
by George Cooke,

Rancho Bernardo
Brokers Group


Meeting Schedules
(updated July 16, 2020)

Welcome to www.RBcaravan.com
(also known as RanchoBernardoBrokers.com)

Website of the Rancho Bernardo Brokers Group

What is on this page?

This page is primarily for the benefit of agents who are on the rotating schedule to lead the broker meetings. It includes the Meeting Schedule, the list of Broker Office Representatives, and the Meeting Outline.

Click here for printable information about the RB Virtual Caravan Meeting.


*** Corona Virus Update *** (updated July 16, 2020)

The meetings at the Church have been suspended until further notice. We will be conducting an RB Virtual Caravan each Thursday morning at 9:00 am, in place of the meeting at the Church.

Due to the Corona Virus crisis, St. Barts Church has cut back on meetings, events, and services. Accordingly, the Rancho Bernardo Caravan Meeting on Thursdays, will be replaced with a Virtual Meeting by Zoom, until further notice. For status on the Friday Poway Caravan, please visit their website at www.PowayPREP.com.

Here is the link to attend the RB Virtual Caravan Meeting on Thursday at 9am.

Meeting ID: 998 7665 2068

Password: 530891

*** Please check back here for continued updates. ***

Sponsor PowerPoint slides are due by 10:00 am on the Monday prior to the caravan. Or, if you wish to have your listing included on the Virtual Meeting's PowerPoint, please Email to pawny.ayers@gmail.com. For questions, call Pawny at (858) 336-3436. *** Please check with CAR, SDMLS, and your broker for current restrictions on open houses and tours. ***

Rancho Bernardo Brokers Schedule

>>> Click here for a printable Schedule of Meetings <<<

Rancho Bernardo Broker Meeting - The Outline to follow

>>> Click here for a printable RB Broker Meeting Outline<<<